Permission to Lead

 Old leadership narratives no longer work for us.
This disruptive world is calling upon a new kind of leader and leadership – will you give your leaders & yourself permission to become the leaders you need to be and not the ones you think you should be?

Our approach is based on two key assumptions:

Top leaders don’t need traditional training. To get to where you are in your business, you’ve learned how to lead – in fact carving a path through any organisation in the last decade means you have learned, earned, or honed so many of the soft skills touted as critical for this moment. Now’s the time to back yourself as the leader made for this moment and for the future. Whereas traditional training programs focus on a skills gap, this program takes aim at the authority gap.

The “authority gap” is the unspoken, built-in set of assumptions around people’s capability and power to lead – which keeps some of us playing small and never fully owning their power. It’s the unconscious mental models asserting a certain typology as natural leaders and requiring others to succeed by mimicking them and minimizing any perceived weakness or difference. This authority gap means we self-limit and play small because they don’t feel permitted to show up fully as themselves.

The aim of this program is to close that gap by building participants’ authority to lead.
How? By focusing on two key themes that will help leaders tap into their inherent authority: permission (I’m allowed) and agency (I’m able).

What’s unique about our approach? We don’t treat this as an intellectual exercise in teaching people how to lead better. We see it as a catalytic investment in helping them own their power. So don’t expect to sit in classrooms or boardrooms passively absorbing information.

We take you out of the boardroom and into the world: To deepen insight, connection, and conversation – freeing people up to use their voices and access their strengths.

We integrate brain and body: So much of what holds people back is a lifetime of experience sitting stored in their bodies. To switch on and dial up personal authority we integrate cognitive, emotional, and physical components into our program.

We emphasize experimentation and creativity: We challenge people to advance their leadership agenda in real time – to undertake small experiments and to create new ways forward towards audacious goals.  


To provide participants the opportunity to:

    Reflect, experiment, and evolve as leaders

    Identify their unique leadership style that serves them and suits this moment

    Envision their boldest leadership path and start stepping into it

    They will gain:

      Fresh leadership insight – how they self-limit and stifle their own growth

      Improved self-awareness – how they can self-permit and work from full authority

      Fired up agency – how they can routinely and intentionally experiment with new ways of leading boldly.

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