Let go of old adulting narratives, write your own.

It’s wild out there. If we’re going to thrive in this 21st century, we need to give ourselves permission to design adult lives that fully leverage the possibilities of this moment.

What do you get?

What are the 10 Permissions?

Permission to…




1. Be wilful

2. Go astray

3. Experiment

4. Take it outside

5. Feel your way

6. Forget about the future

7. Think small

8. Travel light

9. Look for trouble

10. Make believe

Remember, it doesn't matter how many tools I give you if you don't give yourself permission first.

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What have you got to lose?

A “straight and narrow” path that doesn’t guarantee stability anymore

A fear of change narrative

Not believing in what you can do

A life you didn’t really choose but feel stuck with

Being left behind by an ever evolving world

A bit about Jill

I kind of did blow up my life.  At age 23 I left the comfort and predictability of midwestern America to head to South Africa as it prepared for its first democratic elections.  Nobody gave me permission to do that – oh hell no, people thought I was crazy.

Nobody would give me permission to do most of the meaningful things in my life.  So I know a thing or two about letting yourself off the hook for other people’s expectations, about listening to your own voice to create your adult life, one choice at a time.

I’ve carved my unique life path, wrote my own story (literally and figuratively), and reframed success in terms that bore no resemblance to my parents’.  And I’ve got all the insights and bruises to show for it.  I’ve worked with people from every walk of life who felt stuck in a cultural or family story about who they should be or how they should behave.

Whether with personal coaching clients in the UK or people with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, I’ve worked with countless people who felt they had no power over the course of their lives.  No matter how much they knew they needed to change, they wouldn’t give themselves permission to.  And it’s provided me a singular education in helping people find their own voice and vision.

The Ten Permissions is a product both of a my worldwide personal journey and decades of professional experience in human growth and change.  My path has brought me to this place, and I’d love for The Ten Permissions to set you off on paths of your own.


The awareness created by these steps, the energy connected to my deliberate movement in this world. That is what this expedition is all about. It is about building capability and resilience in the little steps, big steps, I take on my journey of life.

– Wanjugu, France

Jillian, it’s your willingness to bring your rich experience to the here-and-now with gentle nudges, knowing when to step in and when to ‘let go’, your power mixed with more and more vulnerability as the days passed.
– Jeanine, Holland

Co-working with Jillian is an expedition in itself. Exploring, adjusting, testing, sharing, reflecting, learning – onwards, backwards and in circles. Our ideas not only resonated but grew and inspired – and within no time shaped up to a journey of exploration we could invite others along on. Jillian is a lighthouse of inspiration not only through doing, thinking and talking but also through being, sensing and subtle steps into the unknown.

– Hanne Fink Ferdinand

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